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Privacy Policy

What is Personal Information?

Personal information in this privacy policy refers to one or more of the following types of personal information (from which personal identification of the customer is possible) provided by a customer in order to provide services of this website operated and managed by Sigma Corporation: a customer's name, address, phone number and similar information.

Contents and Purpose of Use of Personal Information

Personal information of customers is requested by Sigma for information within the scope required when making inquiries and similar circumstances.
When such information is provided, its use is limited as much as possible to that stated purpose. If it becomes necessary to use personal information provided by a customer for a use that is outside the scope of the stated purpose, the customer will be contacted beforehand and informed of said purpose. If a customer does not consent to this new purpose, such usage can be denied by the personal discretion of the customer.

Handling of Personal Information

In compliance with Article 51 of the Employment Security Law (Duty to Maintain the Confidentiality of Secrets) and the Personal Information Protection Law, personal information collected by Sigma shall be considered as company secrets, and a thorough information management system has been implemented for all organizations to ensure that personal information shall not be lost, disclosed, altered or otherwise treated improperly.

Questions/Comments Regarding Personal Information

Please contact Sigma by telephone if you have any doubts or feel dissatisfied regarding the handling of personal information. We will immediately resolve any issue that you may have.

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