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[Our Value] Materials Purchasing

Purchasing Principles

Purchasing Activities that Suit Needs

In accordance with our beliefs at Sigma and to provide excellent quality that suits the needs of our customers, we procure materials without bias towards any country, with transparency, and in a fair and sincere manner. In seeking to improve our level of customer satisfaction, Sigma preforms continuous and stable purchasing that thoroughly satisfies the level of quality required by our customers.

Purchasing Goals

Joint Proposals through Optimized Classification

Sigma purchases globally to obtain optimum goods from all over the world that are competitive in terms of quality, delivery time and cost.
By forming alliances with our suppliers to achieve joint development/product proposals utilizing our mutual technical prowess, Sigma seeks to become a fabless manufacturer.

CSR Promotion/Purchasing Activities

Spreading Awareness of being Socially Responsible

We are improving CSR awareness throughout the entire Sigma supplier chain.
We are performing our manufacturing tasks with an awareness of the environmental burden.

Long-Term Purchasing Plan

Secure Excellent Suppliers and Future Outlook

Image of Long-Term Purchasing Plan

Main Purchased Articles

Current Supplier Conditions and Purchased Articles

Major Parts

Engine/Machine parts
Airbag component parts
Plastic inset parts
Hydraulic valve parts

Major Equipment

Composite NC lathe
Grinders (centerless, stop, cylindrical)
Parts former
Rolling machine

Machining Processes

Machine Processes
Blank cutting
Bar material cutting
Forging (cold and hot forging)
Screw processing (form rolling, cutting)
Surface treatment
Plating (chrome, alloy, electroless Ni, etc.)
Heat treatment (carburizing, thermal refining)

Transaction Flow

Procedure to initiate new transaction

[1. Make inquiry] Tel: 0823-28-0121/Fax: 0823-28-4326
[2. Submit detailed estimate] Use Sigma-specified estimate form
[3. Submit initial preparation plan and written quality verification] Submit supplier survey form
[4. Submit processed sample and inspection report]
[5. Receive supplier basic contract]
Sigma ordering process
[1. Indicate parts/services to be estimated and request consideration]
[2. Consider estimate details] Cost/Manufacturing capacity/Engineering processes
[3. Visit supplier for quality audit and to verify quality system]
[4. Acceptance inspection/evaluation]
[5. Issue documentation to announce acceptance of supplier and place firm order]

Register new supplier and start volume production

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